Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LISTEN: What it's Really Like Being Married to a British Man

In this—the first ever episode of Halfway Planet—Tarah answers perhaps the most important question in the universe: what is it really like being married to a British man?

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Julian Cox said...
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Julian Cox said...

I'll try to be more polite:
With respect, - you have an audience.
NEVER forget that the audience is listening, and really doesn't do so in expectation of being bored.
Thankyou for trying...but this episode misses on every level. Better luck next time.

Laurence M. Brown said...

Hi Julian.

Thank you for your honest comments. Allow me to give you some context. Last year Tarah - my wife on the show - suffered cardiac arrest at our home in Indianapolis. She is fine now, of course, but the entire incident caused us to wake up, to reassess the things that truly make us happy in life. Starting this show is sort of a manifestation of that new-found happiness - a chance to collaborate on a project and to move past the dismissive voices of a minor few. My audience - who I know better than anyone else - are not only aware of our backstory, but enjoyed our first show very much. I know this, by the way, because they told me. I hope you'll consider heading over to my blog for more context and to gain an understanding that this podcast is by no means self-indulgent; it's carefully targeted toward British and American couples, Anglophiles, and people with a curiosity for either country - people who can relate quite directly to our story. Thanks.

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